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Law 1: Field of Play
All Leagues: Miniature goals     

The crease is the area in front of the goal that defenders may not stand  in to prevent a goal (goaltending).  This area can be breached by defenders in pursuit of the ball so long as the ball enters the crease before the defender.

A defender who deliberately prevents a goal scoring opportunity by playing the ball while standing in the crease shall be called for goaltending. A penalty shot will be awarded for goaltending. 

Wednesday/Friday: Boundaries are defined by the three walls and one touchline. Ball is in play off the walls. Ball is out of play when it completely crosses the touchline.

Saturday: Boundaries are defined two marked touchlines and two marked end lines.

All Leagues: Goals may only be scored forward of the half way line. All touches of the ball in the team’s own half of the field are considered indirect, meaning the ball must be touched by another player in the opposing team’s half of the field before a goal can be scored. This includes balls played into a team’s own net (own goal). A pass between teammates in their defending half cannot be ruled an own goal unless it has been touched by a member of the attacking team. 

There is no longer a penalty for goaltending (“the crease rule”)

No more than one defending player may stand directly in front of their own goal. Lining up multiple players on your own goal line or “forming a wall” during active play (to protect a late game lead, for example) will be considered “unsporting behavior-“and carries a yellow card.

Law 2: The Ball
All Leagues: Size 3

Law 3: The Players
All leagues:

·       4v4 w/o goalkeepers. Rosters are unlimited. All players must register with USASA and have an active player card. By registering with USASA, player agrees to all policies, procedures and league documents.

·       Unlimited free substitution- all substitutions must take place from the same spot meaning the player entering the court must enter at the same point the departing player exits the court

Wednesday: At least two (2) female players must be on the court at all times. If a team does not have any female players on the court, the match will be a forfeit. Teams may play with one female and 3 players total.

Law 4: The Players Equipment
All Leagues: Shinguards, Socks & Non-Marking Shoes are Mandatory. Jewelry is strongly discouraged but may be allowed at the discretion of the referee and/or HCSA management. Jewelry is worn at the players own risk.

Home team listed first / visitors wear pinnies. Pinnies are not provided. Each team must have matching uniforms.

Laws 5/6: The Referee/Other Match Officials 

All Leagues: One match referee is assigned to each game. Up to two (2) additional assistants may be assigned as well. Assistant referees are part of the officiating crew in every way. Any actions/misconduct aimed towards an assistant referee shall carry the same penalties as the match referee. See HCSA policy #6.

Law 7: Duration of the Match

All Leagues: 25 Minute halves. 5-minute halftime. Each team may take one 60 second timeout per game. A timeout can be taken only when in possession of the ball or when the ball is out of play provided the timeout does not prevent an advantage by the opposing team.

Law 8: The Start and Restart of Play:
All Leagues: A goal can be scored directly from a kickoff (even if the ball is not placed perfectly on the kickoff spot).

Law 9: The Ball In and Out of Play.
Wednesday/Friday: The ball is out of play when it touches any part of the net either on the wall or the ceiling. When the ball touches the net, play is immediately dead, and play is restarted with a kick-in at the nearest touchline/end line by the opposite team who touched the ball last. 

If a ball gets stuck behind a goal it becomes a dead ball. If the defending team last touched the ball it will be a corner kick. If the attacking team last touched the ball it will be a goal kick. No player from either team may step across the back of the net while the ball is in play. A goal kick or corner kick will be awarded if the ball is played from behind the net. Referees may choose to stop play on a "50/50" ball that may stay in play as this is a safety issue. 

Law 10: Determining the outcome of a match:
All Leagues: Regular season games have no overtime--games may end in a tie.

Overtime procedure for playoff game(s): An overtime period will be played starting with a coin-toss and a kickoff. First team to score in the overtime period is declared the winner. All other rules apply including foul accumulation.

Law 11: Offside:
All Leagues: No Offside

Law 12: Fouls and Misconduct
All Leagues: Safety is first and foremost in all HCSA leagues and all league referees and supervisors have the responsibility and final decision to ensure every player's safety is the highest concern in any match.

Slide Tackles: Slide tackles are prohibited. Sliding to prevent a goal scoring opportunity results in a penalty kick

Foul Accumulation (Team): Fouls that result in a direct free kick (charges, jumps at, kicks, attempts to kick, pushes, strikes or attempts to strike, tackles or challenges, trips or attempts to trip, plus slide tackling), except for “handling” are tracked throughout the match. Once a team accumulates four (4) fouls in a match, one player must serve a two-minute penalty. Any player on the court at the time of the 4th foul may serve the penalty. Each foul after 4 results in a penalty kick awarded to the opposing team.

Foul Accumulation (Player): A player who commits three (3) fouls in one match will be given a yellow card for persistent infringement--unless that player has already been given a yellow card because of an earlier foul.

Yellow Card: A yellow card will be issued to a player that commits any cautionable offence (delaying the restart of play/failing to respect the distance, dissent, entering or leaving the field of play without permission, persistent infringement, and unsporting behavior). A yellow card carries a 2-minute penalty that must be served by the player that received the card. If the team that is short a player gets scored on during the two-minute period, the carded player may return, and the teams play at even strength.

Red Card: A red card will be issued to a player that commits any send-off offense (denying an obvious goal scoring opportunity, serious foul play, spitting at an opponent or referee, violent conduct, using abusive language or gestures, receiving a second yellow card in a match). A red card carries a 5-minute penalty and the player receiving the red card is ejected from the match. The player may be required to leave the facility at the discretion of the match official.  The 5-minute penalty must be served in its entirety no matter how many goals are scored by the opposing team. Every red card is reviewable by the High Country Soccer Board of Directors and will result in a minimum 2 game suspension and $100 fine to be paid (prior to returning to play). All red cards are reviewed and may carry a greater penalty by monetary or game suspension length.

Law 13: Free Kicks
All Leagues: Free kicks are direct unless or indirect
Minimum distance for Defenders: 5 feet

Law 14: The Penalty Kick
All Leagues: When a penalty is awarded, one player is chosen from the five players currently on the field at the time of the foul. Kicks are taken from the kickoff spot and are done without defenders’ present. The ball is considered "dead" whether a goal is scored or not. If the penalty is missed, a goal kick is awarded to the defending team.

Law 15: The Throw in
All Leagues: Throw-ins are replaced by kick-ins. Defenders must stay at least 5 feet from the kick in. Kick-ins are direct unless taken from behind the halfway line (See Law 1)

A kick in is considered in play once the ball is played and clearly moves. If the ball does not enter the field of play, the opposing team is awarded a kick-in. (In other words…no re-do’s)

Law 16: The Goal Kick
All Leagues: Goal kicks must be taken within 5 feet of the end line.

Law 17: The Corner Kick
All Leagues: Corner kicks shall be taken as close as possible to a typical corner arc.


The High Country Soccer Association will not tolerate racial slurs, negative comments regarding skin color, ethnic background or any comments meant to intimidate or demean a person due to their race or gender. Any player found in violation of this policy will not be permitted to play.

The High Country Soccer Association philosophy is to run an organized, structured league for your enjoyment. Those teams invited to play in our leagues are asked to show good sportsmanship before, during and after all matches to the officials, opposing team and spectators. In the event a team or individual abuses the rules of the league, HCSA reserves the right to exclude that team or individual from future participation in the league.  There will be no refunds in this case.


High Country Soccer Association Adult League Policies 2019 - 2020

**all players must have an active USASA PLAYER CARDS**

1.  Teams and individuals will register with the High Country Soccer Association through USASA/

2.  All players will be required to wear shin guards and non-marking shoes. Players will not be permitted to wear jewelry.

3.  If a team is not going to be able to make a scheduled game they must give HCSA no less than 24 hours notice in order for HCSA to contact the other team. Any forfeits will result in a $100-$150 fine that will go to pay the field and officials cost. The team being fined will not be permitted to play any further matches until they have paid the fine.

4.  Any team found to be using a player who is suspended, is not on the roster or is playing for another team in the same league will forfeit that match. Teams found to be in violation of this policy twice in one session will have all of their games forfeited and will not receive a refund.

5.  Any team that is not ready to play within 15 minutes of the kick-off time or that has less than 3 players will forfeit that match. The only exceptions to the forfeit rules are:  a.  If the opposing team agrees to play the match with shortened halves and agrees to have the final score count towards the standings the match will not be a forfeit, and;

b.  If the opposing team permits the other team to add an additional player just for that specific match and agrees to have the final score count towards the standings the match will not be a forfeit. However, players added for that specific match cannot be playing for another team in the same league and must register with USASA before playing a single match.

6.  No player will insult the referees, interfere with their calls or make racial comments. Such actions will result in an immediate Red Card and may result in further disciplinary action taken by HCSA.

7.  Any player who strikes a referee will be permanently banned from all HCSA activities. Law enforcement will be contacted and charges will be pressed against the offending player.

8.  Any player who is served with a Yellow Card or a Red Card and refuses to give or gives false information to the referee will be suspended from league play and subject to further disciplinary action from the HCSA.

9.      HCSA will track Yellow Cards accumulated for all players- 2 Yellow Cards = 1 Match Suspension for outdoor. 3 Yellow Cards = 1 Week Suspension for indoor.

10.   Upon the issuing of a Red Card to a player, disciplinary action will be based on the infraction and will result in a minimum 1 game suspension but may include additional disciplinary action in the sole and absolute discretion of HCSA.

11.   Any player receiving a “hard” Red Card (i.e., any incident involving a punch thrown or other aggressive action that involves physical contact with another player that takes place outside the normal course of a match) will face a minimum 3 match suspension and will be subject to further penalties based on HCSA. A second infraction of this nature will result in no less than a 1-year ban from all HCSA activities. A third infraction of this nature will result in a permanent ban from all HCSA activities. Any player receiving a “hard” Red Card will be required to pay a $100 fee to HCSA and sit out their suspension before returning to match play. “Hard” Red Cards will be tracked for the life of a player. HCSA reserves the right to permanently ban players from all HCSA activities for receipt of a “hard” Red Card.

12.   FOUR ACCUMULATED TEAM FOULS in a game results in a 2 minute penalty. FIVE and beyond result in PENALTY KICKS.

13.   THREE fouls by ONE PLAYER will result in removal from the game and potential further disciplinary action.

14.  (INDOOR) ONE more foul after the original FOUR results in a penalty kick. EVERY FOUL AFTER the FIFTH TOTAL FOUL will result in a penalty kick.

15. Safety is first and foremost in all High Country Soccer leagues and all league referees and supervisors have the responsibility and final decision to ensure every player's safety is the highest concern in any match.

16. Teams that have concerns regarding any match incidents must submit their concerns in writing to HCSA within 5 days of such incident. [email protected],.org

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Adult Summer Coed League Rules

Adult Coed Summer League Rules

No playoffs/finals in ANY HCSA Adult League due to Saturday Mirco League 2019 Final between Real Silverthorne and Strategic Fence being vacated before the second half with over 6 cards given.

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