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After winning all 8 regular season games since early June and a close 3-2 win over CER in the Semi-final last week,
GDR Services soccer team has won the HCSA 2022 Coed Summer League Championship at Kingdom Park in Breck on Thursday August 11. 
In a highly competitive game against Glaciers FC the final score was 3-1 in favor of captain Guillermo Dorantes' GDR Services soccer team. 

CER achieved a 3rd place finish after winning against Jonah and the Whalers 4-2 after Broken Compass FC was unable to play.



Results and standings

Laws of the Game!

hcsa summer coed adult league rules .pdf

Modifications to the IFAB Laws of the Game—2022 Summer Coed League

Law 1: Field of Play: No Changes

Law 2: The Ball:

Size 5

Law 3: The Players:

• 11v11 Every team must have a minimum of 3 female players on the roster. If less than 3 female players show up for a game for a team, then that team shall play with less than 11 players. For example, if only 2 female players show up for a match, then the team plays with 10 players, i.e. 2 female and 8 male players. If only 1 female shows up for a match then the team plays with 9 players, i.e. 1

female and 8 male players. If no female players are present for a team, that match will be recorded as a forfeit against the team that did not have any female players present. A team will be allowed to play with 7 players as long as a minimum of 1 player is a female.

• All players must register with USASA and have an active player card (or be named on the roster). By registering with USASA, player agrees to all policies, procedures and league documents.

• Team Managers must present player cards to the referee PRIOR to any match. (When player cards are issued to the teams)

Without player cards, it is an automatic forfeit and 3-0 for the opposing team. The game may be played, but the results are not documented. Not presenting player cards twice in one season will result in a fine.

• Any team found to be using a player who is not on the roster or who is suspended will forfeit that match. TEAMS WILL BE FINED $50 PER GAME FOR UNREGISTERED/PLAYERS NOT ON THEIR TEAM. Teams found to be in violation of this policy twice in one session will have all of their games forfeited.

No refund will be given.

• Unlimited substitutions-substitutions can be made at any stoppage with the referees’ permission.

Law 4: The Players Equipment:

Shin guards, and socks covering the shin guards are mandatory. Jewelry is strongly discouraged but may be allowed at the discretion of the referee and/or HCSA management. Jewelry is worn at the players own risk.

Each team must have matching uniforms.

Laws 5/6: The Referee/Other Match Officials

At least one official will be assigned to each game. If two referees are present, referees will utilize the dual system of control (two man-two whistle). One referee (iron man) may be used when there is a shortage of officials for any reason.

Law 7: Duration of the Match

35 Minute halves. 5-minute halftime. The game clock starts at exactly 5:30 p.m. (or other

scheduled time)

Any team that is not ready to play within 15 minutes of the kick-off time will forfeit that match.

Law 8: The Start and Restart of Play: No Changes

Law 9: The Ball In and Out of Play: No changes

Law 10: Determining the outcome of a match:

Games may end in a tie.

Law 11: Offside: No changes

Law 12: Fouls and Misconduct

Safety is first and foremost in all High Country Soccer leagues and all league referees and supervisors have the responsibility and final decision to ensure every player's safety is the highest concern in any match.

Team Managers/Captains are held responsible for the actions of their teams and expected to keep play to a recreational level. Any violations can and will be reviewed by the HCSA disciplinary committee. Safety of all players is paramount.

ALL slide tackles are prohibited and will result in an IN-DIRECT KICK from the spot of the slide. This includes slides to block a shot or pass. Stay of your feet! (A direct free kick and possible misconduct will be given if a player makes contact with another player during a slide tackle)


Yellow Card: A yellow card will be issued to a player that commits any caution-able offence (delaying the restart of play/failing to respect the distance, dissent, entering or leaving the field of play without permission, persistent infringement, and unsporting behavior). Yellow cards will be accessed to any player(s) who excessively or inappropriately address the referee(s). Team Managers (Captain) are the only people allowed to address or approach the referees with questions and/or concerns.

Red Card: A red card will be issued to a player that commits any send-off offense (denying an obvious goal scoring opportunity, serious foul play, spitting at an opponent or referee, violent conduct, using abusive language or gestures, receiving a second

yellow card in a match). The player may be required to leave the facility at the discretion of the match official.

Cards will be tracked and accumulated for all players. 2 Yellow Cards = 1 Game Suspension.

Red Cards: Disciplinary action will be based on the infraction and will result in a minimum 2 game suspension and $100 fine, but may include additional disciplinary action at the sole discretion of HCSA.

Any player receiving a red card for serious foul play or violent conduct may face a minimum of a 2 game suspension and will be subject to further penalties based on a case to case basis. A second infraction of this nature will result in an indefinite ban from all HCSA activities. “Hard” red cards will be tracked for the life of a player.

Any player who makes physical contact with a referee will be suspended from league play for life. Law enforcement may also be contacted and charges will be pressed against the offending player.

HCSA has the right to suspend and/or expel teams or individual players due to inappropriate behavior as deemed necessary.

Law 13: Free Kicks:

NEW IFAB Law beginning in 2019-20: Where three or more defending team players form a “wall,” all attacking team members must remain at least 1yd from the “wall” until the ball is in play.

Law 14: The Penalty Kick: No Changes

Law 15: The Throw in: No Changes

Law 16: The Goal Kick:

IFAB Law since 2019-20: Goal kicks are in play once the ball is played and clearly moves. The ball no longer must leave the penalty area to be in play.

Law 17 The Corner Kick: No Changes

Points awarded:
Win: 3 points
Tie: 1 point
Loss: 0 points

Goal difference: max 3 goals per game

Standings are based on: 
1. Number of points
2. Result between the teams with equal points 
3. Goal difference (max 3 goal difference per game)
4. Goals scored

Registration Listing

No Programs are Currently Displayed

There are no programs or divisions available at the moment. Please contact your club administrator with any questions.

Adult League Schedules & Standings

Congratulations  Real Garbaggio for winning the Final against
regular season champions Pinnacle FC!

2022 Summer Coed Adult League!


Team players please register before June 6! Cost for the registration and secondary insurance is $30! (Paid by HCSA to CSA)

The HCSA adult coed soccer summer league will be played on Mondays and Wednesdays: Game will be played from June 8 – August 8, 2022
Games will be played at Kingdom Park and the SMS soccer field. The format will be 11v11 and the games will be 2x35 minutes.
Kick off times: 6PM and 7:30PM.  Kick off times will be 5:30PM and 7PM starting on June 20!

Each team will play 8 games during the regular season. Two Playoffs games are organized for all teams.
A maximum of 12 teams will be able to participate.

The schedule for the entire season will be posted on Monday June 13!
This adult league is for players 18 years or older.
Only registered players may participate in games!!

A Players United Team will be formed! Please register as a free agent and as individual player!

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High Country Soccer

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High Country Soccer

PO Box 1996 
Silverthorne, Colorado 80498

Phone: 312-259-0720
Email: [email protected]
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