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      MANUAL 2024-2025

   The mission of HCSA is to provide an optimal soccer environment in which every player can develop to their fullest potential regardless of their gender, age, skill level, or financial capabilities. Our goals are to provide opportunities for every child and adult who wants to play soccer and serve Summit County by building an innovative participant driven soccer organization. We envision the Association as a community development tool; one that brings together people from all backgrounds and cultures in a fun, healthy and safe soccer environment. We envision the Association as a community development tool; one that brings together people from all walks of life in a healthy and safe environment.

1. Create an opportunity for all children to learn about and play soccer. 

2. Enable adults to continue playing and encourage them to share their knowledge and passion for the game with kids.

3. Provide an enjoyable athletic experience in which sportsmanship and teamwork are highly valued.

4. Instill a love of the game that will last a lifetime.

5. Integrate all socioeconomic and cultural groups in the County.

6. Foster a safe, family-oriented environment.  

7. Improve the quality of the competitive and school teams by providing professional coaching and guidance. 

8. Develop a sense of community in all participants. 

9. Attract and educate coaches and referees for all divisions.           

GENERAL INFORMATION: High Country Soccer Association (the “Association”) is a Colorado 501 C 3 non-profit corporation that is community based and conducts year-round soccer programs for players of all ages and abilities.

The Summit Strikers Fútbol Club (“Strikers”) is a Colorado State Youth Soccer Association (“CSYSA”) affiliated soccer club that operates under the umbrella of the Association. We potentially provide youth competitive teams in the following age/gender groups for the fall and spring seasons: U10/11 Boys, U12 Boys, U13 Boys, U14 Boys, U10/11 Girls, U12 Girls, U13 Girls & U14 Girls. Teams will compete in the Colorado Youth Soccer Leagues SSFC hosts half of our matches here in Summit County at Kingdom Park, SHS Turf, Summit Education Center and Rainbow Park fields. The Strikers Club provides the field and officials for all home games. Away matches are held at the opposing team’s home field where they provide the officials.  

SSFC Club Philosophy:  As a community-based program, we aim to enhance the development of soccer as a sport. We believe that the game belongs to the players and decisions on the field need to be made by players. Our coaches are committed to providing a positive learning environment where players can develop, sportsmanship is required, and teamwork is highly valued. Playing time in matches is determined by attendance and work ethic at training sessions, as well as ability. Love of the game and integrity are the cornerstones of our foundation. We welcome any player who shares these principles.

The Strikers program will teach a uniform soccer philosophy throughout the teams. The general components of the teaching philosophy will consist of providing age-appropriate realistic soccer activities in training that will help the player develop the necessary skillsets and decision-making abilities to successfully grow and participate in the game of soccer. Our objectives are to create an atmosphere of fun, healthy competition where players are responsible for implementing the Strikers philosophy, so they can grow to become good, positive human beings, citizens, students, and soccer players.

The Association and the Team:  Strikers players agree to put the Association ahead of the team. When decisions are made regarding conflicts between the Association and a particular Strikers team, the Association will come first. Association decisions will be made by a majority vote of the Board of Directors. The decisions of the Board of Directors are final and without appeal. 

The Team and the Individual: Strikers players agree to put their team ahead of the individual player. If conflicts arise between the team and the player or parent, the team coach will be responsible to make decisions for the good of the team. These decisions will be made after gathering all relevant information and consulting with those involved. The coach’s decision will be objective and will be based on their best evaluation of the facts. Once the coach has made a decision, it may be appealed to the Executive Director/Director of Coaching. If further evaluation is necessary, an appeal may be made in writing to the Board of Directors. Players and parents agree to abide with the final decision of the Board of Directors.   

The Non-Profit Organization Board of Directors administers the Association as the only official voting members. The Association is a 501.c.3 corporation for Federal non-tax purposes. The Summit Strikers Fútbol Club is affiliated with Colorado Youth Soccer.  The Board of Directors administers the Association by establishing and approving the annual budget. Certain responsibilities are delegated by the Board to Committees.  

COACHING STAFF: All coaches are paid professionals who are licensed by the United States Soccer Federation and/or the United Soccer Coaches (Formerly known as NSCAA). Coaches are supervised by the Executive Director/Director of Coaching.  All coaches have had distinguished playing and/or coaching careers prior to joining the Strikers. The variety of coaching experiences and philosophies provided by the coaching staff exposes players to different soccer coaching styles and techniques employed throughout the world. Coaches are responsible for the conduct of the team on and off the field when the team is together and part of an Association event. Coaches are contracted on a season-to season basis. A review of their performance is conducted by our Executive Director/Director of Coaching at the end of each season.

THE TRAINING PROGRAM:  The Club is dedicated to providing the training, which will help our athletes achieve their goals. Our training program is designed for the youth athlete who is serious about soccer and interested in playing at the highest competitive level available. The training program is geared to prepare players to compete both technically and tactically at the highest levels. Season training sessions (normally two per week) will be determined and announced by the coach. Every effort is made to establish regularly scheduled sessions. However, this is not always possible due to training availability, daylight savings time, weather, and coach availability. Training sessions are mandatory. If you have an emergency, contact your child’s coach immediately.  

MATCHES: Participation in home and away matches are mandatory and games are played on Saturdays and Sundays. Teams will set up carpools with the assistance of the parents or have the use of the Shuttle Van (once a season) for away games. 

UNIFORM PACKAGE:  All players in the Club will be required to purchase a full Club kit every 2 years.  The 2024-2025 cycle: the Adidas kit will consist of a home and away jersey, 2 game/training shorts, 2 blue socks, one away kit sock, a training shirt, a sweat suit and a backpack. Players will use their kit from season to season and may purchase replacement pieces to the kit. The uniform must be ordered online through, and the fee ($265) must be paid before the kit or replacement piece(s) will be issued to the player.  Returning players must purchase the full uniform kit and training shirt, other items are considered optional as long as they fit appropriately and are in good shape.

TRAVEL EXPECTATIONS:  Players and parents are responsible for their own transportation to and from training sessions as well as matches. Carpooling is highly recommended. For assistance with carpooling needs use the roster to connect with other players parents on the team. Colorado weather is fickle – be prepared to deal with whatever may come. We live in the mountains – plan for extra time to be on time to practices and games. Road conditions will vary, as we all know. Please contact your coach for match status. 

TEAM COMMUNICATION:  Players and parents are asked to check their e-mail for team communications as message are emailed through the SportsYou app.   Each Team will have a Pre-Season Meeting where parents will receive information about training and match schedules, communications plan and rosters.  Communicate through your Coach or Director of Coaching for information or to ask questions concerning team player registration and uniforms should be directed to the Executive Director, Miriam Hickey or [email protected].   Coaches will communicate in the following ways about regular schedule changes: by phone, email or a written notice.  Questions concerning your child’s playing time, development, etc., should be directed to the coach. Concerns, criticisms, or recommendations are welcome at the appropriate time.  If you have serious issues regarding the coach that you feel have not properly or been fully resolved, please address your concerns to the Executive Director. The Executive Director will address the issue appropriately and respond.  

CLUB FEES: Under 10 players will train twice a week in the fall and spring with SSFC coaches  and play 6-8 games and one festival. Fee for the year is $650.  Under U11 and Under 12 teams play 9v9 in both the Fall & Spring season (16 games). Total Fee - $850. Under 13 & U14 teams play 11v11 in both the Fall & Spring season (16 games) Total Fee - $1,050.  Under 15 and HS age Girls teams play in the Fall season while the Under 15 boys may play in the fall if at least 16 players are registered (Fee for two seasons in $950), the U17 and U19 boys teams play only in the spring season (8 games) Total Fee - $475.

Fees cover the following costs: Colorado State Association league, player and referee fees, CSA affiliation fees and insurance, training, team & field equipment, Coaches and Executive Director Fees, field rental fees, Club Team Camp in early August, fall and spring Friday evening club skill training (U10-U14), and weekly indoor training sessions from January-March.  

Additional cost: uniform package for 2 years 2024/2026) $265, additional winter training, 2 club tournament fees, tournament coach's hotel, per diem & travel expenses.

Player equipment expense – each player is responsible for and must furnish other appropriate equipment, such as soccer cleats, shin guards, water bottle.  Transportation expenses – each player is responsible for his/her own transportation to and from training sessions and matches.   Fees for additional tournaments, including State Cup during or between seasons in which the team elects to participate.  

Refund Policy – players selected to a Team and commit will forfeit $100.00 of their fees if they leave the team before the season begins and 100% of their fees once the season has begun play. Registration costs for the entire soccer year are paid in the fall season to the State Association.  Sibling Discount Policy – for families who have more than one player in the Club, fees may be paid as follows: pay full fee 1st player, deduct $50 for each additional child.

SCHOLARSHIP POLICY:  Players who cannot afford the player fee (or a portion thereof) may apply for a scholarship from the Association. All players who wish to be considered for a scholarship will complete an application which requires a parent signature. Scholarship amounts will be decided on an individual basis. Non-compliance with the scholarship agreement will result in the player’s loss of scholarship and position on their team for the next season. To apply for a scholarship, complete the application located on our website at 

PLAYER/PARENT REQUIREMENTS & DISCIPLINE POLICY:  We insist our players be polite, well-behaved, and respectful. Players and parents can expect honesty, communication, consistency, and reliability from each coach. Players and parents (or guardians) must abide by all rules and regulations established by the CYS and the Association as outlined in this Manual. Players/parents agree to financially support the Club according to the Participation Agreement and Fee Disclosure Statement included in their registration information. Players and parents will complete the Participation Agreement and Fee Disclosure form.  So that you and every player in our Club can obtain the maximum benefit, we need everyone to abide by the Club rules, regulations, and policies. If disciplinary actions are necessary, the following steps may be taken.  1. The coach will discuss the problem directly and privately with the player, with the assumption the problem will be corrected immediately. 2. If the problem persists, the coach will communicate with the player’s parents to discuss the problem and lack of response on the part of the player. Parents will have the opportunity to be involved with correction of the problem at this time. 3. If the problem still continues, the coach may temporarily suspend the player. If the situation warrants, the coach may recommend to the Director of Coaching that the player be removed and, if he/she approves the removal will stand. 4. The parents of any player recommended for removal from the Association may request to meet with the Board of Directors, the Director of coaching and the coach.

PLAYER RESPONSIBILITIES:  As a player, you are responsible for your own performance and conduct. Honesty, communication, and reliability will be expected at all times. The Club asks that you care about yourself and the sport of soccer. This requires that you maintain a healthy lifestyle and healthy team attitude. Any use of drugs, alcohol, or tobacco products is not acceptable. The Club insists that you maintain a positive team attitude and a personal sense of good sportsmanship and fair play. We recognize there are things more important in life than soccer; and, in terms of priority, family and schoolwork come first. However, if a player participates in other activities during the season, it may affect their playing time. As a Strikers player, we expect you to commit to the sport of soccer and your team as your first recreational activity and priority during the soccer season. At all Club or team function, you will be expected to conduct yourself in a respectable manner and to represent the Club and your team in a positive way. From the designated arrival time at all practices and games, players are expected to concentrate on soccer. Players must arrive on time with required equipment (shoes, uniform or practice gear, soccer ball, shin guards, water bottle, etc.) and be ready to practice or play. Since practicing and playing their best requires undivided attention, there will be no visiting between players and parents, family, friends, pets, or others (who might cause players to lose focus on soccer) from immediately before the practice or game until they have been dismissed by their coach. This includes half-time and the conclusion of games, when players are expected to get water and then immediately join the team and coach for game discussion or team adjustments. When team responsibilities are over, players are then free to join family and friends.  

Players should always be dressed and ready to start practice on time. Early is on time, on time is late. Practice is mandatory. If for any reason you are not able to attend training, the coach should be contacted at the earliest possible time prior to the start of practice. Please make every effort to schedule other activities at times that will not interfere with training. In addition, the CSA standards of conduct included in this manual apply. Players who persist in violating these standards of conduct will jeopardize their standing as players within CSA. Flagrant disregard for rules of play and standards of conduct will result in stringent disciplinary action, including possible loss of standing, loss of out-of-state travel privileges, and/or complete removal from the Club.    

THE ROLE OF THE PARENT:  Parental support and involvement in the Club are essential. If your child is selected and chooses to commit him/herself to the Club, your commitment is also necessary. If players are to fulfill their quality commitment to the Club and their team, parents must see to it players attend all possible Club and team functions (practices, meetings, games, fund-raising activities, etc.). There will be times when conflicts cannot be avoided, and other more important events occur. The Club requires your communication, planning, and understanding so we can minimize these conflicts. It is the Club’s responsibility to present a periodic schedule to allow you time for your planning. When parents and/or players have an unavoidable conflict, the Club expects timely communication to see if the Club or team can make any necessary adjustments. The coach will make final decisions on scheduling and adjustments after careful consideration of your needs and those of the Club or team. There will be no coaching by parents. No matter how good your intentions are we insist there be no shouting instructions to your child or yelling (complaining) to officials during games. Your vocal support and positive encouragement are welcome after a good play. “Go” or “Shoot,” etc., are interpreted as instructions and, as such, are not desirable. It is important that players are not distracted at practices, or during the games. Parents and friends are encouraged to stay off the designated practice area, including the goal mouths. It is also important that the players are given instructions by the coaches only before, during, and after practices and games. For this reason, the Club insists that the coaches be the only voice at all games and practices. No one other than those listed on the official game roster may sit on or near the team bench before and during games. Please respect the space and privacy necessary for the coaches and team to carry out their responsibilities.  The Club’s first concern is for the long-term growth and development of your child as a person along with their soccer abilities. There will be times coaches make decisions and players are instructed in a manner that parents may not understand. Club, team, and player development will sometimes be given a greater priority than winning, especially in the years prior to high school. Parents must understand this and conduct themselves in a manner consistent with a healthy team environment. Remember, playing only to win without taking healthy Club, team, and player development into account will not result in a solid foundation upon which your child will be prepared for winning. In addition, the CYS standards for parents and spectators apply. Persons who cannot conduct themselves in the above manner described therein are not welcome at SSFC soccer matches.

VOLUNTEER AND FUNDRAISING ACTIVITIES: Only a portion of the expenses incurred by the Club are financed through player fees. The Association supports the Club by hosting fundraising events throughout the year. Players and parents are encouraged to volunteer to support our Club.  

COLORADO STATE YOUTH SOCCER ASSOCIATION STANDARDS OF CONDUCT FOR PLAYERS: The following standards are established by the CSYSA to govern the behavior of players before, during and after soccer matches: Do not address remarks to opposing players, coaches, spectators, or referees (except when remarks convey genuine friendship, and respect or are in response to questions by the referee). Do not retaliate when fouled. Avoid comments or gestures, which express disagreement with referee calls (these are cardable offenses). Displays of temper will not be tolerated on the field or in the playing area. Convey a consistently positive attitude toward your teammates and coaches. Your true strength of character will be displayed on the field when you are under pressure and your team is losing. What kind of person are you? Play against your opponents, not the referee. Worry over referee calls with which you disagree can distract you from playing your best. Fewer than one in one hundred referee calls have any influence on the outcome of a game. 

COLORADO SOCCER ASSOCIATION STANDARDS OF CONDUCT FOR SPECTATORS:  The following standards are set forth to govern spectator conduct, before, during and after soccer matches: Take a position on the opposite side of the field from the other team’s supporters. Do not address remarks to referees, opposing players or opposing fans. This does not apply where remarks convey genuine friendship and encouragement. Never use foul language or obscene gestures. Avoid remarks toward your own team players who make mistakes. If you are aware of the error, you may rest assured that the player is even more aware. Applaud superior play by both teams. Give consistent support to coaches and managers whether winning or losing. Coaches are giving hundreds of hours to their players and are committed to their own continued improvement as a coach. In winning they deserve your congratulations, in losing your encouragement. Always stay 2 yards or more from the playing field. Cooperate immediately with any referee request. The explosive increase in the popularity of soccer in the United States is partly due to spectator enjoyment of the free form, continuous play which characterizes the game. This is in marked contrast to other sports where play is stopped frequently, often giving time for abusive and destructive comments from spectators. Unfortunately, there are a limited number of people who derive personal satisfaction from those situations. We do not need such persons in soccer. Avoid comments and gestures which express disagreement with referee calls. Prolonged remarks or abusive disagreement with referee’s calls may result in a cardable offense chargeable to your team’s coach or manager.   


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