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Summer Adult Coed Schedule


High Country Soccer's Summer Outdoor Coed League Partners:

Angry James Brewery

421 Adams Ave Silverthorne, CO 80498
*near SEC field!*

Offering "Angry Hour" prices ($1 off beers)
for all High Country Soccer league players game nights.

Napper Tandy's Irish Pub

$1 OFF ALL Draft Beers on Game Nights, as well as....

Pub Burger & Bud or Bud Light $10
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Grilled Beer Bratwurst Hoagie & Bud or Bud Light $9
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Blackened Cod Fish Tacos (2) & Bud or Bud Light  $10
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Outdoor Summer Coed


Adult Outdoor Coed Summer League

League begins WEDNESDAY JUNE 12, 2019 and will run through August 14, 2019
TEAM REGISTRATION WILL OPEN by May 1st and close by Friday May 31st.

Player registration link is with your team manager/captain.

Guaranteed 12 games on Mondays/Wednesdays with weather related make up games on Mondays & Thursdays

High Country Soccer has joined USASA and will be using referees from Denver and outside of our league
Each game will be GUARANTEED TWO Certified Referees per game.
Each team will have laminated player cards that must be at EVERY GAME. 

Teams will be required to register with High Country Soccer online and pay in full by May 31st.  
**NEW TEAMS** (who did not play this winter) will then be required to register with USASA, then individual players on all teams must register with USASA.

Deadline to get individual players registered to have a CARD by the second game and be allowed to play
is Sunday June 9th at 5PM.
If an individual IS NOT registered with USASA by June 9th, they will not be allowed to play.

High Country Soccer OUTDOOR TEAM Cost:$1,600
USASA TEAM Cost per year: $75
USASA INDIVIDUAL Cost per year: $25
*Team and Individual annual fee for USASA allows for play in ALL High Country Soccer Leagues*


Each team will have a ring of player cards to present to the referees prior to every game

***once you register your team with High Country Soccer on this website,
the Executive Director will send you an email with a link to register your team with USASA***

Each team will have laminated player cards that must be at EVERY GAME. 

**If you need players or are a free agent, email [email protected] for instructions**


High Country Soccer Association Outdoor Coed Adult League Policies


1.  All players will be required to wear shin guards & socks and will not be permitted to wear jewelry. METAL CLEATS WILL NOT BE PERMITTED.


2.  When registering for the Adult Coed league, every team must have a minimum of 3 female players on the roster. If less than 3 female players show up for a game for a team, then that team shall play with less than 11 players. For example, if only 2 female players show up for a match, then the team plays with 10 players, i.e.  2 female and 8 male players. If only 1 female shows up for a match then the team plays with 9 players, i.e.  1 female and 8 male players. If no female players are present for a team, that match will be recorded as a forfeit against the team that did not have any female players present. A team will be allowed to play with 7 players as long as a minimum of 1 player is a female. 

**Teams may use up to 4 girls from another team per game. If that girl gets a card the points will be given to the team she is playing for at the time of the card.**new for 2018


3.  Any team found to be using a player who is not on the roster or who is suspended will forfeit that match. TEAMS WILL BE FINED $50 PER GAME FOR UNREGISTERED/PLAYERS NOT ON THEIR TEAM. Teams found to be in violation of this policy twice in one session will have all of their games forfeited. No refund will be given.


4.  Any player who is served with a yellow card or a red card and gives false information to the referee will be suspended from league play and subject to further disciplinary action from the HCSA Board of Directors. Any team manager who fails to provide information to HCSA regarding the identity of an offending player shall be subject to disciplinary action.


5.  Any team that is not ready to play within 15 minutes of the kick-off time will forfeit that match.


6. A team can substitute only on their on Throw in.  Unless both teams have a substitute at midfield at the time the ball goes out over the touch line.  If so, then both teams can substitute.  Otherwise either team can substitute before any goal kick or kickoff.  No subs on corner kicks for DFK.   


7.  Team Managers must present player cards to the referee PRIOR to any match. Without player cards, it is an automatic forfeit and 3-0 for the opposing team. The game may be played, but the results are not documented. Not presenting player cards twice in one season will result in a fine.


8. Team Managers/Captains are held responsible for the actions of their teams and expected to keep play to a recreational level. Any violations can and will be reviewed by the HCSA disciplinary committee. Safety of all players is paramount.


9.  No player will insult the Referees, interfere with their calls or make racial comments.  Such actions will result in an immediate red card and may result in further disciplinary action taken by HSCA. Even if a Red Card is NOT given, but a referee reports the verbal abuse, this action constitutes assault and will be reviewed by the board with a penalty. Law enforcement may be called in these situations.


10.  ALL slide tackles are prohibited and will result in an IN-DIRECT KICK from the spot of the slide.  This includes slides to block a shot or pass.  Referees will be instructed to award a IN-DIRECT KICK for all slides. All slides, regardless of location are IN-DIRECT KICKS. There is NO gray area here, STAY ON YOUR FEET!  Any player who slide tackles from behind will receive a “hard” red card and face suspension from the league.  This assumes there is no intervening higher level foul on the play.  For example, a slide tackle that wipes out the opponent which would be adjudged as a careless challenge and would be restarted with a DFK (or PK if foul takes place in the PA).

EXCEPTIONS: 1) ball is going out of bounds and there is no opponent and the player slides to "save" the ball  

2) player falls down as part of continuous play, and while down kicks or attempts to kick the ball (in a non-dangerous       manner to himself or an opponent). 


11.  Cards will be tracked and accumulated for all players. 2 Yellow Cards = 1 Game Suspension.




13. Red Cards: Disciplinary action will be based on the infraction and will result in a minimum 2 game suspension and $100 fine, but may include additional disciplinary action at the sole discretion of HCSA.


14.  Any player receiving a “hard” red card (i.e., any incident involving serious foul play or violent conduct) will face a minimum of an 8 game suspension and will be subject to further penalties based on a case to case basis. A second infraction of this nature will result in an indefinite ban from all HCSA activities. “Hard” red cards will be tracked for the life of a player.


15. Yellow cards will be accessed to any player(s) who excessively or inappropriately address the referee(s). Team Managers (Captain) are the only people allowed to address or approach the referees with questions and/or concerns.


16. Any player who makes physical contact with a referee will be suspended from league play for life. Law enforcement will also be contacted and charges will be pressed against the offending player.


17.  Teams that forfeit a match by not giving HCSA 24 hour notice that they will be forfeiting or by making no effort to show up for a match will be assessed a $50 fine before being able to participate in the next game. After 1 forfeit when 24 hours notice was given, all forfeits will result in a $50 fine. $30 of the $50 fine will be reimbursed to the opposing team.


18. HCSA has the right to suspend and/or expel teams or individual players due to inappropriate behavior as deemed necessary.

Players that have concerns regarding a match incidents must submit their concerns in writing to the HCSA Executive Director – Andrea Rosenthal at [email protected]

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High Country Soccer

PO Box 1996 
Silverthorne, Colorado 80498

Phone: 970-423-6283
Email: [email protected]
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